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Request for Services

Medical Insurance


(510) 306-1422


To start services with Interact Behavior Consulting, please call us at (510) 306-1422. During your phone inquiry, you will be asked a few questions about the types of services you are seeking. An initial consultation appointment will be scheduled for the earliest time possible. Please note that some services might not be available at the time of request and your child may be placed on a waiting list.

Before Your Appointment
An intake packet will be sent to you when you are scheduled for an initial consultation. Please complete the forms in the packet before your first appointment and gather any reports or documents (e.g., previous assessments, FBAs, IEPS) that may be helpful in conducting the assessment.

Initial Consultation
On the day of your intial consultation, you will meet the IBC clinician who will be conducting your child's initial assessment. The IBC clinician will conduct a caregiver interview to gather information about your child's background, current skill levels and behavioral challenges. The initial consultation is typically 1-2 hours long and your child does not need to be present for this first meeting. You will be invited to talk about your concerns and ask any questions you may have. Followup appointments will then be scheduled to observe your child's behaviors and to directly assess his/her skills.